The Ultimate Guide for Vocabulary Building “Word Power Made Easy”

Word Power Made Easy is a handbook for vocabulary building. However, the book does not make the readers to ‘memorize’ vocabulary. Instead, it helps the audience to ‘learn’ about vocabulary. In other words, it shows how to truly master the words. From Word Power Made Easy, the secret key to increase vocabulary efficiently is by knowing the origin of each word. The book introduces essential vocabularies in various areas and it presents them with etymologies.
The book first starts with several tests that check the reader’s current vocabulary skill. Subsequently, the book shows vital words which readers need to know in 12 categories: personality types, doctors, practitioners, scientists, etc. Yet, the book does not just display the words. The book allows you to actually understand each word. It not only provides the meaning of each word, but also shows the origin of the vocabulary. In this way, readers can easily realize how the words work; thus, they can understand and memorize the words easily. Furthermore, learning the etymology helps the readers to figure out words that they do not know, as it allows them to know the basic structure of vocabulary.
Word Power Made Easy can be challenging for some people, for it deals with advanced vocabularies. Those who find the book tough may need to invest more time in the book than others. However, because the book is written easily, anyone will be able to finish the book only if they spend enough time to it. I strongly recommend Word Power Made Easy to anyone who is willing to gain better understanding of how English word works and to enhance their vocabulary skills.
So hyun Kim

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