‘Corset-free’ movement spreads on social media

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The video of a YouTuber removing her fake eyelashes and makeup and putting on glasses has taken the web by storm.

Uploaded on June 4 under the title “I am not pretty,” the video opens with Bae Lina looking into the camera with an expressionless, no-makeup face. With text flashing across the screen carrying insulting comments like “Your bare skin is terror to my eyes,” “Makeup is manners” and “Your skin is not good for a woman” and “I didn’t know a pig could wear makeup,” Bae slowly removes her glasses and puts on contact lenses

The harassing comments about her appearance continue after she finishes her makeup. This time, users say “Men don’t like heavy makeup” and “I would kill myself if I were you.” After a brief pause, she calmly pulls off her fake eyelashes and makeup, puts on her glasses again and smiles brightly.

Seen next is a blank screen with white text saying: “You don’t have to be pretty. Don’t overtax yourself because of the eyes of others. You’re special. Find yourself.”

In just two weeks, the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube and has drawn more than a thousand comments, with many girls claiming they could relate.

“There are many women who wake up early in the morning and begin preparing their makeup one or two hours before going out even though they don’t want to,” Bae wrote in a message that appears with the video. “After much thought, I decided to post this video to be of help to the ‘corset-free movement’.”

The movement refers to the campaign to defy standards of female beauty demanded by society, such as women being expected to wear thick makeup, long hair and tight clothes.


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