President Duterte’s Meritorious Retainer

On the 26th of December in the year 2016, President Duterte stepped into Shangri-L
Hotel of Manila, Philippines. His purpose was to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Philippines’ leading journalist Ramon Tulfo, the face of “Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo” (Talk to Tulfo). Walking calmly, President Duterte caught everyone’s attention with his poise, expressing both humility and confidence.
President Duterte spent over an hour at this event holding hands and initiating conversations with all participants. Although the president did not make any official statements, everyone at the event was able to feel his humility and tranquility.
This arouses the question: Who is Ramon Tulfo? Who is this man to have President Duterte, the “strongman” who surprised the world with a war against drugs and anti-American remarks, attend his birthday party?
Born on November 22nd, 1946, Ramon Tulfo was born in Davao, Philippines. His birthday
celebration was originally scheduled on his birthday, but he requested to reschedule it because of his prior plans. Tulfo was born as the eldest son of four boys and one girl between an independence activist father and a Japanese mother; his father participated in guerilla warfare during the American occupation of the Philippines and died as a soldier after independence.
Initially, Tulfo attended PMI, a maritime college, aspiring to become a sailor;however, he
soon left to join the media. Working for the Inquirer, Ramon Tulfo is one of the
leading columnists and runs a program on the radio channel DWIZ 882 AM. For more than
twenty years, he and his program “Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo” (Talk to Tulfo) helped poor
and powerless people from all over the country to voice their unfair and unfortunate
Ramon Tulfo receives reports on corruption scandals of public figures. Specifically, he is
collaborating with AsiaN’s Philippine correspondent Alin Ferrer and 4-5 other colleagues to
take lead in eradicating corruption and reporting the unjust situation of the common people.
Back in 2016, a year before the presidential election, Ramon Tulfo visited President Duterte
who at the time was the mayor of Davao. Tulfosaid, “You Duterte are the only person who can reform the Philippines which has fallen into a precarious state. Do not hesitate.” In response, Duterte replied, by advising Tulfo “Do not mention my name in discussing potential presidential candidates, for I am  not only insufficient but also not have the will to run.” He warned:“I will shoot anyone who urges me to do so. ”But Tulfo, unwilling to give up on Duterte, directly pointed at Duterte, writing, “Do not evade your duties and service for this country,” and even boldly stated, “Shoot me.”
As a result of Tulfo’s daring persuasions, Mayor Duterte finally decided to run for president, and Tulfo introduced Duterte to the public, actively garnering support.
At his 70th birthday celebration, Ramon Tulfo said, “I deeply thank President Duterte for his unconditional support in fighting alongside the common people. Till death,I will wish that the citizens of the Philippines live safe and peaceful lives. Once again, I vow to give all my strength to fight for the safety and happiness of all.”
Former presidents such as Arroyo and Estrada, 20
politicians including congressmen, mayors, governors, and celebrities, journalists, and Tulfo’s family attended Tuflo’s birthday celebration. Whenever Tulfo walks down the street or travels on roads, there are bodyguards or a motorcade, and it is known that they were sent by President Duterte. “Dear Tulfo,” President Duterte said, “if anything were to happen to you, powerless citizens have nowhere to rely on. I hope my war against crime and drugs resolves soon so that you can freely roam the streets.”

Who is President Duterte?
As the 16th and current president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the most unique and just leader of the common people among all current Asian leaders.
Inaugurated on June 30th of the year 2016, President Duterte was born on March 28th of 1945 in Southern Leyte and spent his childhood in Davao. Although President Duterte at times received criticism from the international community for his bold and rough speech and manner, there is no doubt that his struggles against drugs and crime benefit his people by ensuring them a secure future. Some critics label President Duterte as “Donald Trump of the Philippines,” yet the president appears indifferent to opposing forces because he focuses solely on his central goal of gifting safety, happiness, and a wholesome future to his people.
The president is from a family of immigrants from Xiamen City, Fujian Province of China, that settled in Davao, Mindanao Island, Cebu in 1951. His father Vicente Duterte was a lawyer, and his mother Soledad Duterte was a teacher and civil servant. After being a lawyer, his father became a politician, soon to be elected mayor of Davao.
In 1968, President Duterte earned a BA in political science from Lyceum of the Philippines
University, and in 1972, he passed the bar examination shortly after obtaining a law degree from San Beda College of Law. From 1970 to the mid-1980s, he was appointed as a prosecutor in Davao City. At the time of his work, he was also named a ruthless prosecutor to criminals. In 1988, Duterte was appointed the vice mayor of Davao City at the time of the People Power democratization movement and soon resigned from his job as a prosecutor to join the Democratic Party of the Philippines (PDP-Laban). In the same year, he was elected the Mayor of Davao. When he was unable to run for re-election due to restrictions on three consecutive terms

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