US arbitrary practices violate international rules: Kazakh expert

donald_trump_25953705015The US capricious violation of various reasonable international rules just to “make America great again” would probably bring devastating results to the world economy and that of the US as well, Kazakh expert of international affairs Ruslan Izimov warned. He sent the warning as the US government’s recent stubborn decision to initiate trade frictions with China has aroused wide concerns among the international community. Izimov called on the US business world, especially major transnational corporations, to make all efforts to stop the arbitrary acts of the US administration. His statement came as speculations on the US-initiated trade disputes have been hovering, and the US is increasingly making light of the opinions from other countries, including its allies. Facts have proved the path the US is taking is poorly supported, said Izimov, who works at the Institute of World Economics and Politics under the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This path will not only hurt the US economic development, but also bring impacts on the cooperation partners of the US and even the global economy at large, the expert added. Such background explains why the US has adopted policies that are targeted at China, Izimov pointed out. Everyone knows that many US politicians attempt to contain China’s rising global influence and slow down the development of the country, he explained, adding that to unilaterally initiate trade conflicts against China is an execution of such intention. He told People’s Daily that China has always strictly obeyed global trade codes and accepted norms of international relations. The country calls on all of its partners to resist trade protectionism and join hands to safeguard the accepted cooperation norms. China’s move complies with the interests of most countries and is widely supported by the international society, the expert hailed. China is not willing to be involved in the trade friction, but the country has the ability to cope with the situation where the US keeps issuing aggressive measures, Izimov believes. “Anyhow, the trade disputes between the largest two economies of the world will cause direct damages to the global economy, which is a fact that most countries are not willing to see,” he noted.


By Zhou Hanbo

(People’s Daily)


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