Uzbek President Mirziyoyev: When a person changes, society changes



“We all know that reform means renovation, change. In order for the reforms to succeed, first of all, our leaders and people need to change. When a person changes, society changes” – Reforms in society and in all fields of life was the main focus of Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s New Year Address to the Parliament of the country. “It is vital that today leaders of all levels, members of the parliament and local legislative bodies need to organize their work on the basis of critical analysis, rigorous discipline and personal responsibility” stated Uzbek President.


Mirziyoyev emphasized that if all state bodies don’t start to work on solving social and economic issues, if authorities don’t mobilize all efforts and capacities, it would be difficult to reach the target. Three days later, in his New Year greeting to people of Uzbekistan on TV, Uzbek President re-underlined the responsibility of state bodies: “In the new year, the most important task for us will remain the further improvement of our country. We will strengthen activities on improving the wellbeing of the population, social protection of low-income families and all those who need support. We will continue our work on expanding dialogue with people”.
From the first days of his presidency in 2016, Mirziyoyev put the main principle of government functioning as following: “Not the people should serve the government bodies, government bodies are supposed to serve to the people”. There were established the Virtual and People’s Reception Offices of the President all over the country, over two millions of citizens have resolved their urgent problems with the help of these Offices.
“Changing Uzbek society” – this is on the agenda of world media for last two years. Of course, there were some doubts abroad at the beginning that the 13-years Prime minister of Karimov’s government would be able to big reforms in all fields of life the country, but in short period Mirziyoyev could dispel any doubts.
Declaring the year 2017 as the Year of Dialogue with People and Human Interests in Uzbekistan, The president put efforts on making the people’s power in the country not nominal, but real. “We will not abandon the path of democratic reforms. No matter how difficult it may seem, we will only move forward – new and high” resumed Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

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