SK Telecom creates 5G-based smart office


SK Telecom unveiled its smart office systems incorporated with new information and communications technologies such as fifth-generation (5G) networks and artificial intelligence (AI), Wednesday. Showcasing four smart systems including a 5G walking-through system at its office in Seoul, the nation’s top mobile company said those systems will improve workplace convenience and efficiency. The unveiling of the smart office systems came after the firm unveiled its smart factory systems designed to innovate the manufacturing industry in December in an effort to captivate corporate clients ahead of the launch of full-scale 5G networks services scheduled for March. “The 5G smart office will maximize flexibility of companies and improve productivity at work and the overall quality of life,” said Shin Sang-kyu who heads the employee relations group at SK Telecom.

The firm said the 5G-powered smart office is the result of integration of various technologies such as AI, internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), enabling workers to be free from time and space constraints. The telecom company said it established the smart systems at its office in Seoul and has been operating it as a test bed. It plans to develop and specify business models in cooperation with cloud service providers as well as hardware and software partners. SK Telecom said it installed IoT sensors at places such as ceilings and corridors of the office to collect information on temperature, brightness and humidity. Such information is delivered to servers in real time, and air conditioners and other devices are controlled automatically.

Among the four smart systems unveiled in the day, the 5G walking-through system, mounted with image analysis and deep learning technology, enables workers to enter the office without a pass or fingerprint recognition. The 5G virtual desktop infrastructure (VID) docking system enables to workers to do their work even if they do not have a laptop or PC by connecting their smartphones to the docking pad.”T real telepresence” is a system combining VR and AR technologies, enabling workers at different locations to have a meeting and watch visual materials together though simultaneous log-ins. The 5G cafeteria offers an unmanned vending machine powered by AI technology as well as a barista robot.”Especially workers at information, medical, IT service and education industries, which are required to respond to a change of markets quickly and smartly, can improve their productivity when the 5G smart office is applied,” said Choi Nak-hoon who head 5GX IoT and data group at SK Telecom. “We will continue to give efforts with a variety of partners to create valuable services.”

By Jun Ji-hye
(Korea Times)

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