BTS hits front page of U.N. website

This photo captured from the UN homepage shows BTS members with a staff of UN.

This photo captured from the UN homepage shows BTS members with a staff of UN.

A one-minute YouTube video featuring world stars BTS’ partnership with UNICEF is on the front of the official homepage of the United Nations, giving a message of hope and happiness for young generations, the website showed Thursday.

The short video shows the band engaging in the U.N. Children’s Fund’s campaign for “Generation Unlimited” and promoting an anti-violence agenda for youth. The video was uploaded to the U.N. website’s front page sometime last week.

“It’s an important issue like our Love Yourself campaign. We hope the Love Yourself campaign can help children and young people who are exposed to any form of violence,” team leader RM said in the video.

“We hope that everything we do could be a little help. Even if it’s so little, we just want to make you feel better,” he said.

Member Jimin noted that “If, through us, someone could be made a little bit happier, that’s what motivates us to take action.” Member J-Hope also weighed in, saying, “We want to give hope.”

UNICEF’s “Generation Unlimited” campaign, meant to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens, garnered global attention as BTS was invited to give a speech at the campaign’s global launch during the 73rd session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York in September last year.

Speaking to the launch event at that time, RM urged young people to “speak your name,” a message linked with their “Love Yourself” album and concert series.


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