Kuwait emir pledges zero tolerance towards corruption, deplores media spat

Shaikh Sabah addressing the nation (Kuna)

Shaikh Sabah addressing the nation (Kuna)

By Habib Toumi

Kuwait: Kuwait’s Emir has pledged that no-one regardless of their status will evade punishment related to public funds crimes and stressed that the issue was under his personal attention.

“We reaffirm our relentless keenness on preserving public funds, and our commitment to protecting them, and affirm that no-one, no matter his position, will evade punishment if convicted in public funds crimes,” Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad said as he addressed the nation in the midst of a political crisis that saw the resignation of the government and a rare public spat between two senior ministers over the alleged mismanagement of a military fund.

“No protection will be extended to a corrupt, and this file will have my personal attention,” the Emir said in his televised address

Kuwait ia a state of institutions and rule of law whose constitution stated that “all people are equal in human dignity, and in public rights and duties before the law,” he added/

Shaikh Sabah said he deplored the exchange of accusations on traditional and social media that is rejected by Kuwait’s faith and tradition.

The emir reiterated full commitment to the freedom of speech and expression, but insisted that there will be no tolerance towards attempts to undermine security and stability or incite chaos.

“I call upon my fellow citizens to be aware to interests of our beloved nation and protection of its security and stability, stand united against whoever tries to undermine national unity, stay away from assemblies that might deviate from their objectives and lead to chaos,” he said.

The Kuwaiti government resigned on Thursday amid a bitter standoff between ministers and lawmakers.

However, on Saturday, the defense and interior ministers engaged in a rare public spat over the alleged mismanagement of a fund that serves military personnel.

The emir on Monday removed both ministers from the caretaker government.

His designated prime minister who had been at the helm of the government since 2011 declined his re-appointment, paving the way for the selection of a new premier.

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