Coronavirus grips Sindh province of Pakistan


By Nasir Aijaz
TheAsiaN Representative

Karachi: Southern Sindh province has highest number of coronavirus patients compared to other provinces of Pakistan, as 20 new cases were diagnosed in a single day on Sunday raising the tally to 37.

According to the official press release issued from the office of Chief Minister of the province, 13 coronavirus cases were diagnosed among a batch of people who had arrived at Sukkur, third biggest city of province, after pilgrimage of sacred places of Iran via land border at Taftan, Balochistan province.

The provincial government had kept the entire batch of pilgrims at Quarantine Center setup at Sukkur. “Forty samples of 293 pilgrims having arrived at Sukkur quarantine Center had been tested in Karachi, the provincial capital. Out of 40 samples, 13 samples were diagnosed as positive,” official announcement said.

“Five more cases of coronavirus have also been diagnosed who are contacts of the patient who came from Saudi Arabia. Another had pneumonia symptoms and diagnosed as coronavirus positive while another patient has come from Quetta city of Balochistan with coronavirus symptoms,” it said.

The coronavirus cases in Sindh have travel history of different countries including Syria, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Balochistan province while four have local transmission. Two patients had already been cured and discharged from hospitals.

Various public sector hospitals of province have reported 1874 cases of pneumonia while the private hospitals have shared the list of 702 patients. The government conducted the coronavirus test of those patients who had severe symptoms.


The provincial government has imported ten thousand test kits of coronavirus and setup isolation wards at hospitals and Quarantine Centers across the province. It had already closed all educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities till May 31 while technical training institutes, religious seminaries till April 05. The provincial government has also imposed ban on holding religious congregations, festivals at shrines, wedding parties at marriage halls and clubs, closed the cinemas, gyms and swimming pools etc. Any kind of social gatherings have been forbidden.

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