Inside a Bahrain quarantine center: 5 meals a day, games, buffets and refreshments around the clock

Mind games

Saeed Mohammed and a friend playing a mind game (Al Ayam)

By Habib Toumi

Manama: Bahraini citizens have shared their quarantine routines, expressing satisfaction with the possibilities and structures available to maintain their physical and mental health, and debunking allegations that the isolation for 14 days meant the end of the world.

“The humanitarian factor by Team Bahrain has been very important in our daily routines since the quarantined are being treated very well,” Saeed Mohammed said.

“These people taking care of us are real warriors combating valiantly an unknown and invisible enemy. They are gracious with us. We are offered three full meals and two snacks a day. There are also refreshments, coffee, tea and cakes at any time of the day,” he told local daily Al Ayam.

Table tennis

Table tennis is available for the “guests” at the quarantine center (AL Ayam)

The medical service is of high standards and is provided regularly, he added.

The “guests” can play mind games, table tennis or take walks in the restricted area in Sitra located south of the capital Manama.

Saeed said the “guests” were so pleased with the care, services and facilities that they wanted to spend the compulsory extra quarantine of 14 days at the center rather than at their own homes.

Bahrain was among the first countries to set up a national taskforce to combat COVID-19 and to take precautionary measures that included setting up isolation centers to help limit the spread of the virus.


Sample of the food offered to the guests (Al Ayam)

Until the evening of April 5, Bahrain has tested 44,386. The number of current active cases is 265 with 262 stable and three critical cases.
Those who have been discharged number 431 while the country has registered four deaths.

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