Bahrain cancels 10-day quarantine upon arrival

Kingdom crosses one million COVID-19 PCR diagnostic tests

Mobile testing bus reaches out to both citizens and residents for free COVID-19 testing

Mobile testing bus reaches out to both citizens and residents for free COVID-19 testing

By Habib Toumi

MANAMA: Bahrain has lifted the compulsory 10-day quarantine for all incoming passengers who test negative following their COVID-19 test upon arrival in the kingdom.

The National Medical Task Force for combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) said that the decision was taken after case statistics revealed a 0.2% average rate of positive cases among incoming travellers who conducted an exit swab after completing their 10-day quarantine between July 1 and August 16.

However, the taskforce said the COVID-19 PCR testing for passengers arriving in Bahrain International Airport and a second test after their stay in the country for 10 days would remain. The passengers will pay for both tests a total of BD60.

On Wednesday evening, the health ministry said Bahrain had conducted over one million COVID-19 PCR diagnostic tests.

The milestone figure was reached as part of the ‘Trace, Test, Treat’ strategy that has involved proactive testing on a large scale, Health Minister Faeqa bint Saeed Al Saleh said.

“Bahrain’s strategy has resulted in conducting 675 tests per 1,000 people, one of the highest rates in the world,” she said.

“Equally, with only 4.8 % of positive cases from total tested, Bahrain is recording cases well below the WHO’s determination that an effective testing policy should identify no more than one positive case per 11 tests.

With a high recovery rate of 92.2%, Bahrain has been able to capture positive cases from those who are asymptomatic or with minor symptoms and has been able to quarantine and trace more effectively, minimising the potential for onward transmission, she added.

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