Overview of an online forum


By Pooneh Nedai
Editor in Chief of Shokaran Magazine

TEHRAN: We had a fruitful Zoom gathering in World Journalist Forum established in Seoul by the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK). First it was not easy to make a real sense for such an online conference, but when I met all participants via the Zoom application, I could sense their presence, even the fragrant of our friendship.

We are experiencing strange pandemic situation in our lives. It is the first time that something is spread by justice on earth! I mean Covid-19 spread for all human beings on the earth but the result is not justified. Human beings are experiencing the new meaning of many terms like justice.

I am thankful to JAK for not giving up bringing world journalists together and made a historical gathering.

The discussions were so interesting about fake news, Covid-19 and peace in the Korean peninsula.


The important point was the different views of participants from various countries. We had the chance not only to meet other journalists in an online conference, but also to hear new ideas and understand other people with different views. We watched how a simple life and beautiful world could become complicated and full of tension by misleading and human selfishness.

We are journalists to witness the passage of life over the adventures of the earth. Peace is our goal and dream.

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