Technology, culture, fun as numerous events lined up for fifth anniversary of Asia Culture Center opening

The events will feature a variety of programs including exhibitions, performances, virtual reality, upcycled products making events, and more.




SEOUL: In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Asia Culture Center (ACC) on November 25, a variety of programs, including exhibitions, performances, a film festival, and a panel discussion, have been prepared.

“To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the ACC’s opening, we will present events based on ACC’s unique contents such as creative exhibitions and participatory virtual reality (VR) performances,” said Park Tae-young, acting chairman of the ACC, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The ACC focal exhibition ‘Equilibrium: At the Boundary Between Humans and Nature’ will be held from November 20 to March 14 at the ACC Creation Space 3 and 4.

The exhibition highlights the seriousness of climate change and environmental pollution in terms of individual experiences, society, politics, and history, and seeks peaceful coexistence and solidarity.

The 2020 ACC_R Residency Exhibition, celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, ‘Biophilia: A Handful of Earth’ will be held in the ACC Creation Space 1 from November 24 to March 1.

It features on and offline exhibitions of resident participants’ joint work, documentary videos, publications and more.

New and diverse performances that break down the boundaries of the genre will also unfold.

‘BBRUN’, a combination of motion capture technology and virtual experience technology, will be presented at ACT Studio 3, the ACC Research, from November 20 to November 22.

It is a new drama-style performance in which the audience wearing a VR headset communicates with digital characters in real time in a virtual environment.

The traditional music fusion performance “Two Eyes” will be on the stage of Theater 1 in the ACC Creation on November 20 and 21.

This Pansori performance is completed with the fusion, dismantling, and transformation of electronic music and media-art centering on Hyonyeo Shim Cheong’s ‘Blind Widower Shim Hak-gyu’. Through the collaboration of two artist groups (MUTO, POST MNH) exploring new boundaries, people will experience how something unfamiliar turns into something new.

In addition, the ACC has prepared numerous programs for people to participate and enjoy.

‘2020 Design Lab: Social Design Week’ will be held at the ACC Archive & Research from November 20 to November 22. The upcycling highlights the process in which discarded resources get new value and use. During the event, the ACC will operate participatory programs such as joint-training for upcycling, lectures by influencers, and environmental campaigns.

On November 25, the fifth anniversary of the opening, “panel discussion on finding ways to develop ACC” will be held in cooperation with the Hub City of Asian Culture Development Support Forum (HCACDSF).

Kang Shin-Gyeom, a professor at Chonnam National University and Park Shin-Eui, a professor at Kyung Hee University, as presenters, will discuss the mid-to long-term development direction of ACC’s contents and cooperation plans for coexistence with the local community together with experts in various fields.

As a special program of the ACC Cinematheque, an online film system that runs from November 24 to November 29 has also been prepared.

The Film Festival is composed of two parts: Program 1 (From the margins to the center), which screens 12 works with respect to South Korea’s first independent film group ‘Yalasheng’, founded in the same year as the May 18 democratization movement in 1980.

Program 2 (round and round 2020-1980) presents experimental convergence video creation in commemoration of the May 18 democratization movement.

Moreover, various on and offline events will be held, such as online reading promotion program in connection with 10 independent local bookstores from November 25 to November 29.

“To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the opening of ACC, we have prepared a variety of programs,” Park Tae-young said.

“Looking to the future, we will continue to present attractive contents that fit our position as a world-class multicultural arts institution.”

Further details and information the on events related to the fifth anniversary of the opening of ACC, are available on the ACC website

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