Vietnam successfully organises parliamentary election amid COVID-19 threats

Voters at a polling station

Voters at a polling station in Danang City

By Phong Lan
Deputy Head of the World News Desk Dantri Online Newspaper

HANOI: “It can be said that the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and the People’s Councils at all-levels for the 2021 to 2026 term has taken place successfully,” Secretary General of the Vietnamese National Assembly Bui Van Cuong announced at a press conference on Sunday evening right after closing the voting day.

“The national voter turnout rate reached 95.65% as of 5:30 pm, with the highest rate recorded in some localities reaching 99.92%, whilst the lowest was 84%, the official who is chief of the Office of the National Election Council noted, adding that votes counting would be held though the night.

Reports issued by 63 provinces and cities nationwide showed that a high number of over 69 million people went to the polls that reflected that local people take their responsibility towards the nation seriously.

The elections were organised under great challenge from the COVID-19 pandemic that is becoming more complicated in Vietnam. Local authorities have applied a range of prevention measures at all polling stations across the country to ensure that the process took place safely and smoothly.

Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong (third from left) voting at a polling station (Dantri)

Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong (third from left) voting at a polling station (Dantri)

Talking to the media after casting his vote on Sunday in Hanoi, Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong highlighted the significance of the election of new members to the 15th legislature and the People’s Councils at all levels following the success of the 13th National Party Congress.

He added that these elections are taking place more than 75 years after the country originally gained independence and 35 years since the launch of the renewal process. It is also occurring at a time when the country has successfully fulfilled its socio-economic development plans for the 2016 to 2021 and pledged to implement a further socio-economic development plan for the next five years.

Secretary General of the National Vietnamese Assembly Bul Van Cuong speaking about the results of the elections

National Vietnamese Assembly Secretary General Bul Van Cuong speaking about the results of the elections

With nearly 70 million voters electing 500 deputies to the 15th NA, nearly 4,000 to provincial-level People’s Councils, over 20,000 to district-level People’s Councils, and more than 240,000 to communal-level People’s Councils, this marks the largest-ever elections, General Secretary Trong affirmed.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, voters have played a highly active and responsible role in terms of preparing for the elections over recent months, the Party chief emphasized.

NA General Secretary Bui Van Cuong also affirmed that everything was done very well and the elections achieved great success as they were conducted in an absolutely safe manner, in accordance with the law.

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