Asia Journalists Association nominates Lee Hyong Kyun Chief Director, appoints 10 registered directors

Lee Hyung-gyun, Chairman of the Asian Journalists Association

Lee Hyong-Kyun, Chief Director of the Asia Journalists Association

SEOUL: The Asia Journalists Association (AJA) has nominated Mr. Lee Hyong Kyun as the chief director.

Arranged in Korean alphabetical order, Mr. Kang Tae-jin, Mr. GU BONHONG, Buddhist Priest Geum-gok, Mr. Park Nam-soo, Mr.YOO JIN RYONG, Mr. Yoon Seok-ho, Mr. Lee Ki-woo, Mr. Lee Sang-ki, and Mr. Jeong Young-pal were appointed as the registered directors of AJA.

Further, Mr. Kim Geon-il was designated as the AJA’s auditor.

Each appointed member has a two-year term.



Major careers of appointed members are listed in the following:

△ Mr. Lee Hyong Kyun: Chief director of AJA, Former Chief Editor for Kyunghyang Daily News, Former Executive Director of the Press Center, and Former President of The Journalists Association of Korea.

△ Mr. GU BONHONG: Former President of YTN(Yonhap Television News), and Former Director of MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) News Report Headquarters.

△ Mr. Lee Ki-woo: Current Chair Professor at Gachon University, Dongkuk University, Former Chairman of Korean Council for University College Education, and Former Deputy Minister of Education.

△ Mr. Kang Tae-jin: Current Chairman of The Association for the Study of Knowledge Society, Former Guest Editorial Writer for Maeil Business Newspaper, and Former Dean of Seoul National University College of Engineering.

△ Mr. YOO JIN RYONG: Current Chair Professor at Kookmin University and Chief Director of Soorim Cultural Foundation.

△ Mr. Park Nam-soo: Current Chairman of Chulgi Lee Beom-seok General’s Anniversary, Former Principal of the Korea Military Academy, and Former Capital Defense Commander of South Korea.

△ Buddhist Priest Geum-gok: Current Administration Director of Korean Buddhist Jogye Order, Former Chief Priest of Naksansa Temple, and Former Hoeju Priest of Heungcheonsa Temple.

△ Mr. Jeong Young-pal: Current News Production Director for KBC(Kwangju Broadcasting Corporation).

△ Mr. Yoon Seok-ho: Current CEO of Next Energy Corporation (NEC), and Certified Public Accountant.

△ Mr. Lee Sang-ki: Current Publisher of THE AsiaN, Former President of The Journalists Association of Korea, and Former Auditor of UM HONG-GIL Human Foundation.

△ Mr. Kim Geon-il: Current Member of the Press Arbitration Commission of Korea, Former President of Halla Ilbo Newspaper, and Former News Production Director for MBC Jeju Island.

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