What is in the 2020 Olympics? Genuine Olympic values, spirit


By Habib Toumi

MANAMA: What is the 2020 Olympics? Achievements and failures, tears of joy and tears of frustration, hard work, new friendships, impressive fair play, stretching the limits, and confronting COVID-19!

The Olympics, the international sporting events held every four years, are the best chance to bring together the best athletes across the globe.

With the addition of new games, there are many more athletes competing and many more people watching.

When the first modern games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece, there were 14 nations and 280 participants, competing in 43 sporting events.

In Tokyo, there are 206 Olympic committees with 11,091 athletes competing in 41 different sports and 339 events.

Such an important event naturally has the attention of the world’s population and media.

The plethora of games at the Olympics means that Bahrainis interested in all types of sports enjoy following the games and cheering for their favorite teams or athletes. The events included this year meant more people in Bahrain are watching the games.

In the Bahraini media, there is great interest in the sporting events and in the athletes, but also in the human stories behind the dreams, participation, successes and failures of the people who have been training hard for years for a medal or for a career best result.

I see the Olympics as the best manifestation of a successful globalization where there is no geography and there are no linguistic, ethnic, religious or social barriers. All people are equal and may the best win.

Watching a Saudi judoka take on her Israeli opponent reflected the true spirit of the game beyond politics and other considerations.

Seeing Korean weightlifter Kim Su-hyeon burst twice in frustration, yet accepting the jury’s ruling meant that the Olympics’ genuine values are integral part of an athlete’s character.

Although the richer countries tend to dominate, there is always a chance for smaller countries.

72 countries have never won a medal at the Olympics. But that is not the end of the world. The games are not just about winning. They are also the greatest chance to bring the world together away from politics and disputes and to boost peace, compassion and friendship.

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