Remembering my absent mother

María Esperanza de los Dolores Espinosa Hernández de Azuela

María Esperanza de los Dolores Espinosa Hernández de Azuela

By Francisco Azuela
Mexican poet and writer

MEXICO CITY: The afternoon stretches on the horizon of life until it is more than one hundred years old; the sunset of this day is felt in the slow rhythm of the train that passes by with multiple images of time, from window to window, where the cornfields and the wheat fields can be seen under the clouds loaded with a much-anticipated rain that is approaching.

In that train travels the face of a human being who transformed love into more than one star, a cluster of stars, her children, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The old mother forged many destinies and fused her blood with the leaves of the wind scattered in different latitudes, all united by the same symbol of love.

Flocks of birds and other types of animals can also be seen drinking in small lagoons and on the water’s edges of different rural communities, where the trees provide good shade and the weeping willows bend their branches to shelter wild animals.

In a long journey of years on a train or on several trains, everything passes, time passes, hours pass, the wounds of grief, pain and sorrows are felt; but also the great joys and love that erase the tears of bad and sad moments that go like dried fruits to oblivion.

Numerous terraces and rustic houses can also be seen through the windows of a train; barns and barns where people store their crops.

Francisco Azuela

Francisco Azuela

The family grows, families grow and become intense in thought, in life, in dreams. Everything multiplies in various manifestations and the soul is reflected in the mirror with the beautiful smiles of children who play and entertain themselves in their beautiful innocence. The songs are heard with a rhythm of hope. Women, men and children are animated by the same thought: life is beautiful.

Large flower crops touch your heart. This was our mother, María Esperanza de los Dolores Espinosa Hernández de Azuela. That is why we remember her today with all our love one hundred and two years after she came into this life.

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