“Jack Hirschman: Egyptian Poems and Testimonies” pays tribute to late US poet


By Ashraf Aboul-Yazid
AJA President

CAIRO: As a tribute to the name of the late American poet Jack Hirschman, World Poetry Movement called on its members across the world to dedicate their cultural activities along the month of October 2021 to one of its founders, and one of the poetic icons in the modern times.

In response to the invitation, World Poetry Movement, Egypt publishes a special edition of the the Silk Road Literature Anthology “Jack Hirschman: Egyptian Poems and Testimonies”.

The 84-page full color book will be published on October 25 electronically (on the ISSUU.COM platform) and in print (in Egypt),with an introduction  by the prominent poet Fernando Rendón, founder of the Medellin International Poetry Festival , and co- founder  of  World Poetry Movement, and  member of its global coordination committee; who wrote “VITAL PRESENCE AND ABSENCE OF JACK HIRSCHMAN”.

The anthology geatures the poems of Al- Sayed Al-Khamisi (Your Face and Sadness), Mustafa Abada (Drobar Yamur), Deema Mahmood (The Death of a Poet), Marwa Nabil (I present you), Muhammad Hosni Aliwa (A detailed note on arranging a warm funeral for a comrade), Moamen Samir (The Look of Uncle “Jack Hirschman”), Dr. Karim Al-Sayyad (Al-Baramthah’s Crumb)   Dr. Mohammed Abd al-Salam Abd al-Sadiq (An incomplete elegy for an uncertain death), Tarik Abdul-Wahhab Gado (A Whisper), Mohammed al-Kafrawi (Hurry Up), artist Amir Waheeb (Goodbye Jack Hirschman),  Dr. Bashir Refaat (Sleeping Cells) and  Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (A Thousand and One Lamp by Jack Hirschman!).

The remarkable cover was illustrated and beautifully decorated with calligraphy by artist   Yassin Harraz. The book will include a photographic supplement of Hirschman’s life, as well as posters of the events dedicated to him during the whole month, in the world.

Jack Hirschman (December 13, 1933 – August 22, 2021) was an American poet and social activist who wrote more than 100 volumes of poetry and essays.

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