First trial flight lands at newly-built airport in Uzbek Sokh enclave within Kyrgyzstan


By Dilmurod Jumaboyev,
Editor-in-chief of

SOKH: The first trial flight to test the runway of the newly built airport in Uzbek Sokh enclave, located within Kyrgyzstan successfully touched down today.

The Uzbek Humo Air aircraft AN-2 took off from the Fergana international airport at around 12:30 pm and landed in Sokh at 1:10 pm.


Hundreds of locals, together with the head of Sokh district Saidbakhrom Saidmusaev, gathered to witness the event and cheered when the flight touched down at the airport nearby Navobod quarter.


Seven hectares of land were allocated for the construction of the new airport. The length of the runway of the air harbor is 700 meters. Within the framework of the project carried out about nine months, a modern complex has been created, including an airstrip, a waiting room, a food point, a retail outlet, and recreation places.


The regular flights are scheduled to start within a month.

Sokh enclave with a total area of 352 km2 and a population 80,000 people accommodates Sokh administrative district of Fergana region of Uzbekistan and it is surrounded by the Kyrgyz province of Batken.


The distance between Sokh and the nearest town in Uzbekistan’s mainland, Rishtan, is about 20 kilometers.

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