Uzbekistan starts mass production of Qalqon 4×4 domestic armored vehicles


By Dilmurod Jumaboyev
Editor-in-chief of

TASHKENT: The State Committee of Uzbekistan for Defense Industry announced that mass production of Qalqon 4×4 armored vehicles, designed by the local weapons production company, has been begun.

The factory tests of the vehicle were completed and after reports of experts that Qalqon 4×4 complies with the relevant demands of the Uzbekistan Armed Forces and international standards, the company has started mass production.

Multipurpose light armored vehicle Qalqon with BR4 protection level has the capacity of transportation of 8 troopers. It can be used for personnel transportation and evacuation of wounded soldiers as well as freight delivery, reconnaissance, in urban defensive special operations in inhabited localities. In general, Qalqon provides reliable safety of personnel and equipment engaged in riots neutralization activities.

Qalqon 4×4 can be armed with one 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun and offers a maximum speed of 110km/h. The vehicle with the weight of 7 tons can climb up to 30% gradient, cross a trench of maximum 0.65 sm, vertical obstacle 0.30m and depths of 0.8m in water.

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