Kyrgyzstan’s nature, culture wows Dubai EXPO 2020 visitors

The Kyrgyzstan pavilion was highly popular, fascinating the young and the less young (Kabar)

The Kyrgyzstan pavilion was highly popular, fascinating the young and the less young (Kabar)

BISHKEK: EXPO 2020 in Dubai will end soon, on March 31. Kyrgyzstan participated in the EXPO by opening its pavilion on 115 squаre meters among other 200 countries participating in it.

To date, more than 20 million people have visited EXPO 2020.

According to data of standist of the Kyrgyz pavilion Talasbek Alybaev, an average of 2,000-3,000 people visit the pavilion every day, and the number goes up to 6,000 on weekends.

The Kyrg yourt was a central piece at the pavilion, giving meaningful insights into ways of life outside urban centers (Kabar)

The famous Kyrg yurt was a central piece at the pavilion, giving meaningful insights into ways of life outside urban centers (Kabar)

Kyrgyzstan pavilion is mainly about the history and culture of the country, Kabar News Agency reported.

It also showcases the economic and tourism potential of the country and the development of innovations, knowledge and the widespread use of information technologies. The stand of the country also demonstrates innovative solutions of Kyrgyz companies in the field of irrigation of drylands and presents export products of domestic manufacturers.


The pavilion features an interactive yurt, a multimedia table displaying dishes of national cuisine, a map of Kyrgyzstan, and a musical projection of the performance of folk music.

The visitors have expressed deep interest in Kyrgyzstan’s beautiful and untouched nature, national clothes and way of life in the mountainous country. The honey produced in high mountains and exposed at the exhibition was popular among visitors.


Standist of the Kyrgyz pavilion Talasbek Alybaev told Kabar Agency about the pavillion.

“We represent Kyrgyzstan’s pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. We presented here our rich culture and beautiful nature. We exposed here our ecoproducts. The foreign tourists, who visit our pavilion admire our nature, they are interested in our culture. There are also handicrafts, the folklore symbol of Yurt and komuz brought to the exhibition.”

Alybaev sharing his impressions gathered from the thousands of visitors (Kabar)

Alybaev sharing his impressions gathered from the thousands of visitors (Kabar)

Alybaev added: “We can say that in this EXPO, the UAE became a model, because as you noticed the organizational level is very high. By using very modern, high technology, the UAE showed very good achievements. And we can say that the participation of Kyrgyzstan among other countries is also a great achievement. We noticed from the reaction of tourists that they admire, interested and they ask for information. For example, on working days 2-3,000 people and on weekends 5-6,000 visit our pavilion, this is the evidence that there is the interest in Kyrgyzstan and its nation.”

Since the start of the EXPO, the pavilion organized several big events, including the Kyrgyz Culture Days, on December 14-16 and the National Day of Kyrgyzstan, which was attended by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


“This is also a big achievement for us. The authorities of the Emirates show the interest in Kyrgyzstan. Recently the Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan also visited our pavilion. And other representatives of the authorities also came and get acquainted with our culture, history, in general about Kyrgyzstan. The slogan of the Dubai EXPO is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. Therefore, we try to know more and receive more information for Kyrgyzstan, exchange information, attract investments. The tourism is the one of the branches of developing the economy, so we tell the visitors about tourism in Kyrgyzstan. The EXPO is going on in joyful atmosphere”.


Jerry, from USA, shared his impressions with reporters of Kabar:

“My name is Jerry. I am from USA. I actually work in Saudi Arabia. I am visiting EXPO for the first time and saw Kyrgyzstan’s pavilion and it’s really great, especially looking at yurt. It’s very cool. And I just looked inside, how cool, how life could be in Kyrgyzstan. He is my boy. He loves it too. Here people learn about Kyrgyzstan and its culture, it’s so great”.


An 11-year-old boy, Aron Jacob, who came to the EXPO with his mother was very impressed with the Kyrgyz yurt.

“My name is Aron Jacob. I am from India and I live in the UAE. I personally like this pavilion because it has a lot of artifacts about the past and I especially like the tent because it looks really traditional”.


A young couple from Kyrgyzstan’s neigboring country with their little baby also shared their impressions:

“My name is Aibobek. I’m from Kazakhstan. We came with my daughter Nazim to EXPO from Abu Dhabi. We live in Abu Dhabi. In the UAE, we study in doctoral studies. Today we decided to visit EXPO and saw that there is a pavilion of Kyrgyzstan. We really liked that they indicated their musical instruments and information about what art they have with projectors, and I also liked the souvenir row, where they presented traditional clothes as souvenirs and of course I liked the elements that they indicated that they have, what Kyrgyzstan has, for example, golden runes from which they could make golden items. We also visited other countries’s pavilions like Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and other the most important pavilions of the EXPO. We really like the atmosphere of the EXPO, we are happy, we learn a lot of new things and learn about many countries without visiting them thanks to this EXPO”.


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