Journalists from 34 countries to address WJC2022


SEOUL: Journalists from various countries will highlight the significance of fighting disinformation and the need to strengthen support for fact checking and exchanging experiences when they participate in an international conference next week.

The World Journalists Conference (WJC2022), organized by the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) will be held on April 25-26 in a hybrid format in Seoul.

Korea’s Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum will deliver a congratulatory address to the speakers and organizers.

The opening ceremony will also include remarks from Journalists Association of Korea President Kim Dong Hoon and a message from Seoul Tourism Organization President & CEO Ki Yon Kil..

Those able to attend physically and those who will participate virtually from as far as Colombia and Papua New Guinea will deliver speeches, exchange experiences, discuss best practices and review the latest in fact checking.

On the first day, 30 speakers from 25 countries will take the main stage physically or online bringing in with them various experiences and voicing diverse views as they foster discussions on fact checking.

On the second day of the annual conference that has been held since 2013 without interruption, journalists will give speeches on the theme of “A Society Changed by Journalists.”

The 23 journalists, from 19 countries, will highlight the role of journalists and how their work has influenced their societies and changed behaviors.

Speakers on both days will answer questions and comments at the end of the sessions.

Sang-ki Lee

Sang-ki Lee

Sang-ki Lee, a former president of Asia Journalists Association (AJA), said that the role of AJA, with its vast network of journalists across Asia and beyond, will become more important in cross-checking claims and verifying reports.

Ivan Lim, editor at Environment Communicators of Singapore, will highlight the role of journalists during the critical times of the COVID pandemic.

“As nations scramble to understand what is happening, overcome the economic setbacks and vaccines, the response of the mass media influenced society and made the difference between success and failure,” he said.

The World Journalists Conference is an annual event that invites overseas journalists to discuss the role of the media in contributing to the development of journalism and the communities.

Since its launch in 2013, the World Journalists Conference has been an outstanding networking platform for journalists from diverse backgrounds.

The Journalists Association of Korea, established in 1964, has more than 10,000 members from hundreds of media companies.

The association has been endeavoring to build on the achievements accomplished for almost six decades by its founders and members.


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