– The Future of BBW Dating and Hookup Sites –

– The Future of BBW Dating and Hookup Sites –


BBWCupid has been in continuous operation since 2005. It is backed by one of the largest digital media groups in the online dating industry. This permits this site to offer its users the latest in terms of dating platform technology. BBWCupid not only offers a full desktop experience, but it is also available as a mobile app for Android devices. The type of BBWs that you can find on BBWCupid range from young, single, large women under the age of 30 – to older, separated and divorced ladies. The type of relationships that the BBWs on the site are seeking include both formal romances and casual encounters. Roughly one-quarter actively announce their intention to be on the casual front.

Part of the BBWCupid registration process includes an option to register with Facebook. While an alternative registration method is available, the fact that the majority of users use the Facebook method provides a level of account validation that keeps fake profiles on BBWCupid at a minimum. In other words, BBWCupid is a BBW dating site that does a good job at “keeping it real.”


Not everybody enjoys using large or complicated dating sites. BBWLocalHookup has been in operation since 2014 and has garnered a small to medium-sized membership base. While it has many detractors that complain about its simplistic user interface, there are also users that hail it as being easy to use and effective. When opinions are this evenly split it is usually indicative that the site does deliver results – just that its aesthetics do not satisfy all tastes. In other words, if you are looking for a site that will help you find real BBWs and you don’t mind how the site itself looks, then BBWLocalHookup should work for you.


BBWDateFinder is a well-designed site with a robust matchmaking and search engine. It is operated by the “Friends Worldwide Dating Network.” The BBW demographic is one of the 75 communities that they participate in and manage. This means that BBWDateFinder is backed by a technological and support base that is extremely user-friendly. This is evident in the way that the user interface is designed to be intuitive.

Regardless of your experience on dating sites, BBWDateFinder is easy to navigate and use. On the site, you can find an even split of large women seeking long-term relationships and casual encounters. BBWDateFinder relies more on matching up potential partners through the use of search criteria than complex algorithms. This can be a welcome relief to those people that do not like having to submit to complicated and intrusive personality questionnaires. The majority of user reviews found online about BBWDateFinder reflect that the user experience is positive and that most users that invest time on the site are able to find successful matches with BBWs wat is Spiritual Singles.

As the online dating and hookup industry continues expanding it will become increasingly specialized. This means that the BBW segment will continue to see new sites dedicated to helping bring together large women and their admirers. The sites that we have listed here will undoubtedly be joined or surpassed by others in the not too distant future. This is why you should always keep your eyes open for new BBW dating sites. Read reviews, test out their trial versions – you never know when the next revolutionary BBW hookup site will come your way.

What makes the paid version of ChubbyBunnie truly special, however, is the fact that it includes the services of a personal dating mentor. This mentor helps new users to improve their profiles, select the right picture, etc. The tips offered by the mentors pay huge dividends in the form of finding well-suited potential matches. The mentor can be a huge help to BBWs that are new to online dating, as well as to those men new to seeking BBWs online. Their advice and counsel go a long way to reassure those who are timid and to guide those who are not too technologically savvy.

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