In memory of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen with Former Sudanese President General

The Queen with Former Sudanese President General Ibrahim Abboud

By Dr. Hassan Humeida

KIEL, GERMANY: September 8, 2022 was a sad day. This is not just for the people of Britain and Europe, but also for all people in the world.

The news that day carried the sad news “The Death of the Queen”. Who should be queen because there is only one Queen in the world, Queen “Elisabeth II”, who was very popular in her country and all around the world?

The Queen turned 96 and has had a positive impact on the world for almost a century. Hence, love for the Queen, who wielded power, but she oriented that power at the service of the people of her kingdom and of other lands near and far.

The late Queen deserved this special respect because she respected herself and other people. Neither old age nor frailty brought the Queen to her knees until the last moments of her life.

She was compassionate, kind, personable, hardworking, straightforward, and caring about people’s concerns. She had power, but never pretended or abused it.

She was free from reproach and scandal in a world of intrigue and envy. Amidst all the heavy burdens of her everyday life, the Queen has remained an extraordinary person, and she has retained and not lost her sense of humor.

By the time the Queen turned 96, she was far more active than many people much younger than her.

2. The Queen with Professor Tigani Elmahi_ renowned doctor and professor and first specialist in psychiatry in the African continent (Khartoum, Sudan, February, 1965)

Queen Elizabeth II with Professor Tigani Elmahi, renowned doctor and professor and first specialist in psychiatry in the African continent (Khartoum, Sudan, February 1965)

She had a busy schedule every day, took it seriously and did it step-by-step and one at a time. No one knew from where the Queen got this tremendous power. She neither missed appointments nor canceled them. Every week of her life and throughout the years of her reign, she met with the acting Prime Ministers of the kingdom, listened to them, discussed the most important matters with them and gave them unobtrusive advice for good future them in the country and on behalf of the citizens.

Abroad, the Queen was famous and popular. If you know the sun, you know the Queen. She responded to invitations, travels countries, met people in public and officially.

All of this sharpened the Queen’s sense of people skills from a young of her age. She was as close to people as they hoped. This was also independent of whether they were rich or poor, sick or healthy, weak or powerful.

The Queen captured the hearts of people everywhere. Wherever she met or stayed, there was a big party – Celebrated in public and was open for everybody. People admired her and were always looking for her.

The Queen did it unchecked and she truly looked after her people in a gentle and subtle way. She blended in with the crowd quickly and without fear, smiling affably, waving, or shaking hands whenever the visitor protocol permitted.

The Queen was different from many of her kind with power in the world today. Justice is written everywhere for her. Because of this, she cared about people’s interests and concerns, especially people who are or were powerless.

She made sure that people who did not feel happy would become free. She traveled to countries where racial segregation and oppression prevailed. She discussed and negotiated for a long time until other nations and countries succeeded. She called for peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. She apologized for colonialism with the worst deeds in occupied countries. She repeatedly highlighted the freedom and dignity for every human being.

The Queen embarked on a major trip to Africa 57 years ago. It was in February 1965, when she first visited Sudan, nine years after its independence in 1956.

This historic journey showed how the Queen cared about the people of the former British colonies in Africa. She and her husband Prince Philip were warmly welcomed.

Their hosts were the former President of Sudan, General Ibrahim Abboud, and Professor Eltigani Elmahi – a famous and renowned academic who was considered the first doctor and professor of psychiatry in Africa.

During this trip, the Queen met the people of Sudan on an equal footing. Together with her husband, she experienced the Sudanese hospitality, which is incomparable. Hospitality is one thing in which the Sudanese excel, be they rich or poor.

3. The Queen is received and greeted by a little girl with flowers (Khartoum, Sudan, February, 1965)

The Queen is welcomed and greeted by a little girl with flowers (Khartoum, Sudan, February, 1965)

From there, the Queen’s other journeys to the lower lands of Africa followed.

The Queen passed away at the age of 96 years of hard work serving the people and the nation. She departs this world, leaving behind beautiful memories and values that future generations will urgently benefit from.

She was exemplary as a person and as a Queen at the same time. She was so alert, present and alive as if she were standing right in front of us.

She walks as if she is about to smile or wave to the public. May all prayers for the Queen by those who loved her and those for whom she has given her lifetime of service be answered.

The Queen is now going forever, but she leaves her eldest son as her successor. The new king has enough experience accumulated over the days and years by his mother “The Queen”. He will follow in her footsteps to protect and preserve this good reputation forever –

May King Charles III prosper as his mother … The Unforgettable Queen.

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