Celtic English Academy-  Cardiff, UK

1.Academic Staff and Administrative Team of Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, Capital of Wales

Academic Staff and Administrative Team of Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, Capital of Wales

By Dr. Hassan Humeida – Kiel, Germany

CARDIFF: Celtic English Academy was founded in 2004 and has places throughout the month and year for students from all over the world. Located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, the Academy is very centrally located and is only a few minutes from the centre of the city. This excellent location of the Academy makes Cardiff a very attractive location for students. The Academy is located at 18 Park Grove in Cardiff, surrounded by many of the attractions of the Welsh capital. Here are a few examples: the renowned Cardiff University, the National Museum, Cardiff Castle, the Senedd (The Welsh Parliament building), Bute Park, and the shopping area of Cardiff with seven elegant Victorian and Edwardian Arcades. Accessibility to Celtic English Academy is very easy, particularly on foot, and is very accessible by both trains and buses. Cardiff Central train station has great, and inexpensive,  connections to Bristol, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and many other destinations in the green British Isle.

2.Blocks of Celtic English-Academy, Cardiff, Wales

Blocks of Celtic English-Academy, Cardiff, Wales

During my stay in Cardiff, more precisely in Celtic English Academy, I felt very comfortable. Preparing for the course before it started was one of the things that motivated me to sign up for the course to broaden and deepen my knowledge and skills in the English language. When I first contacted the Academy, I had a positive experience that I was taken seriously. The Academy’s main concern was that I get the right course for my language level, that I find suitable accommodation in Cardiff, and that I would be able to travel to the Academy easily. Thanks to the technical and professional advice, I reached my goal faster than I thought. Soon I reserved my spot, paid my rent and deposit, booked my flight, flew, and hours later I got there. It was necessary for me to take a two-part language assessment test before starting. The first test was written online prior to my arrival in Cardiff and the second test was oral at the Academy on the first day after my arrival in Cardiff. Both were enjoyable, meaningful and at the same time important for me and for the Academy to determine my true language level and to determine and attend the right course.

3.Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, a neutral institution for knowledge, tolerance, respect, and recognition

Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, a neutral institution for knowledge, tolerance, respect, and recognition

On the first day, the new course participants were registered and given an introduction to the Academy and an introduction to the working staff. We received detailed instructions on how to find places and people, who is responsible for which tasks in the Academy, how we can react in exceptional circumstances and who to contact. We then went on a nice tour of the city, which started with a walk through the city centre, the city castle and ended back at the Academy, where everyone could walk home afterwards. During one lesson, we visited the National Museum and did practical exercises aimed at active conversation with each other. Punctuality, discipline and active participation in the courses were highly valued in the Academy and were considered trademarks. Not only that, but also the considerate and social treatment of each other in the Academy was very important to the staff and the Academy. I can say from my own experience that I felt these things at the Academy every day, that they were implemented by everyone involved without exception. This was something that brought joy to attending the Academy and meeting the students and teachers early in the morning every day.

The Academy, in the old British architectural style, was very up to date in many facets, especially in terms of architectural, technical, and staffing. Architecturally, it has a beautiful stone façade and has a good layout in several blocks and floors. Technically, it has a small digital library, its own App for orientation in courses and in Cardiff. In terms of personnel, it has many departments, including the Operations team and Academic team. The Academic staff are available to answer questions, even if time is short due to ongoing courses. The Academy teachers go to great lengths to listen to students’ needs and do their best to meet them. The teachers correct and optimize the language knowledge of the students. They even pass on their tips for interviews and future jobs after graduation.

4.Shoko Doherty, CEO of Celtic English Academy in Cardiff and Vice Chair of the English UK Board of Trustees since 2021

Shoko Doherty, CEO of Celtic English Academy in Cardiff and Vice Chair of the English UK Board of Trustees since 2021

What particularly fascinated me about my class teacher was his patience, comprehension, and correctness. He was respectful, tolerant, and cosmopolitan. The various courses run regularly in each class with a reasonable number of participants. Some students finish the course and leave, and some continue to the next level. I noticed positively that my class teacher keeps an eye on his students and gives his students tips and advice throughout the course. He also optimizes the knowledge and skills of his students as a “take home message” for the future.

What I also liked about the Academy was that staff and teachers were responsible for the safeguarding and welfare of all students, especially those with specific needs, including students who are pregnant, ill, or living with a physical or mental disability as well as students under 18 years old. Teachers ensure students achieve their goals and are treated with respect.

Now my time at the Academy is coming to an end. It was a beautiful and enriching time in Cardiff, Wales, and the UK. I will miss my class and my classmates. It is unlikely that I will see them again. I will miss the nice people at the Academy, I will miss my class teacher and the academic staff. Nice people I may meet again: Med, Grant, Helen, Shoko, Aine, Elodie, Josh, Andrew and more. But good memories remain in the memory as the best consolation. Celtic English Academy remains as a neutral institution for human encounters at any level, for knowledge, tolerance, respect, and recognition – A unique and magical place for peaceful encounters of people from all over the world and without exclusion.

email: hassan_humeida@yahoo.de

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