Chidren of sex workers dream of bright future

Payel, center, plays sad tunes on the violin with two other kids.

*Editor’s note: This is a follow-up of the earlier story by the writer about the children of prostitutes working at the Kandapara brothel in Bangladesh, who are being sheltered and educated at a nearby children’s home. 

Tales of deprived children of Quisbari

Payel , a ten-year-old  girl, is crying inside while playing  the violin  putting  under the jaw,  bowing with right  hand and fingering with the left.  The downbow stokes create the sad tunes as if she is bringing on the strings waves of pains out of her small vibrating heart .

Sheltered  in a children home  in  a Tangail village, Payel, with a pair of bright eyes on a gloomy face, vividly understands her pain that had inflicted  into her tiny heart in the Kandapara  brothel, the second  biggest  in Bangladesh, where her mother Dalia in  the  thirties is  engaged  as a  registered  sex worker.

Students practice drums at music class.

Music  teacher  Mizanuar Rahman finds  Payel, very eager  and  sincere  in learning  the primary stage of  international staff notation that she  has been practicing for last three months showing better performance than seven other learners of her group.  

Payel, growing taller than her age, wants to fly high above the sky taking  the profession of an airhostess. “When I shall be able to earn, I must bring my mother out of the hell of Kandapara and keep her with me”, Payel hopes  for the future saying  that  she disliked  mother’s disgraceful life  but  feels pitty for the woman who gave birth to her. Payel feels happy that her mother frequently visits her at the children’s home and brings anything she likes – some foodstuff, wears or a small gift.

Payel is one of the 100 children, including 50 girls, who have been brought out of  the red light area and rehabilitated  in Sonar Bangla Children’s Home  in a rural setting in Quisbari under Tangail district, about 110 kilometers away  from  Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka.

“Here  in  our  home, we not only provide  the  children  with shelter and food but the  basis education and  training on  different  trades and skills so that they grow as self-reliant earning members of  the society” said  Sakia Islam Saki, Principal  of  Sonar Bangla  Children Homes, a project  run by a national NGO, Society for Social Service (SSS).

A motherly affectionate Principal, Sakia islam Saki, poses with the kids at children home.

The organisation provides medical care to children with a physician visiting the home every week. There  is  also  an arrangement  to transfer any sick inmate to district  hospital, 10 kilometers far from the home, any time on emergency situation. 

Merina Islam and Kaniz Rabia, both  full-time  teacher  residing  on  the  campus along with  the  children  say “the  boys  and  girls – all of  about 4 to 15 years  of  age  group – appear to be  more vibrant  but  sentimental  than  average  normal family  children. These  underprivileged  children  learn  quickly, love  their fellow  inmates  eagerly and  they also quarrel on childish matters but calm down very quickly  soon  the  seniors  interfere.”   

Students practice dance in a dance class

“Apart  from imparting formal education and behavioral training, we  are  developing  their  inherent talents by offering  extracurricular courses  like  music, both vocal and instrumental, dance, drama, recitation and  sports  under  guidance  of qualified  teachers.”  said  SSS  Executive  Director  Abdul Hamid  Bhuiyan.

Meanwhile,  sports  and cultural  talents  from  Sonar Bangla  Children  homes  took  part  in  many of  the district and  national  level events  and  competitions  earning  fame  for  their  teachers  and  the NGO  itself. 

This week, a five-member karate  team, including two girls, led  by  a  teacher  from Sonar Bangla Cildren  Home is participating  in  the International  School Karate  Competition  being held  in Nepal .

“If opportunities provided, they can hit the globe”

On  a visit  to  Bangladesh,  a  Japanese  Orchestra  team  recently  found  the cultural  groups  at SSS  children  homes in  Tangail  most  talented  and  prospective.  They offered technical  help with  instrument and  international  notation  scripts to develop the young violin players at global  standard.  Japanese  team  is  also making  frequent  visits  to  evaluate  the  performance  of  Quisbari  children.

“If  properly  nourished  and  opportunities  provided  to  the  underprivileged  children,  they  can  hit  the  globe and  reach  the sky”  said  an  always optimist Abdul Hamid Bhuiyan,  the source sf  inspiration  behind  the  SSS.

A Teacher gives a primary education in a class room.

He said  the  Society for Social Service has  been working with  the  poor, destitute, and  disadvantaged people  as well as   the deprived children for last two and a half  decades.

Established  in 1986,  as  a  nongovernmental development  organisation, SSS  is  receiving  donation and funding support  from different  national and  international donors and  micro-finance  institutions .

However,  SSS  is now  implementing  some  of  its  projects  with its  own  funding. SSS is gradually turning  into a self-reliant organisation by revolving  the credit and getting  involved in  income earning programs.

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