Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan work together to counter threats to security and sovereignty


By Kuban Abdymen

ASTANA: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will sign an agreement on allied relations. According to the document, the republics will jointly confront threats to the security and sovereignty of countries. The text of the draft of the relevant decree is published on the website of the regulatory legal acts of the Government of Kazakhstan.

The document notes that the agreement will help raise bilateral cooperation to a new level of allied relations, which meets the national interests of the two countries and will serve as a “key” factor in ensuring peace, stability and security in Central Asia.

In case of a threat of an armed attack on one of the treaty countries by third states, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan undertake to immediately take measures to peacefully resolve the conflict.

The republics will not participate in any blocs or alliances and refrain from any actions directed against each other. Neither of the states will allow its territory and resources to be used for the purpose of aggression against another party to the treaty.

In addition, a Supreme Interstate Council will be created, headed by the presidents of the two countries, which determines the strategic directions for the development of relations and considers the most important issues. In case of urgent issues, one of the parties may initiate an extraordinary meeting of the council.

In the interests of coordinating the foreign policy of the republic, they also agree to hold regular meetings at the highest level.

It is noted that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will create conditions for deepening economic cooperation through the creation of joint ventures in various sectors of the economy, and also increases mutual trade turnover and develops interbank cooperation.

The countries will also develop joint projects in the oil and gas, electricity and renewable energy industries. This includes the construction of oil refineries and pipeline infrastructure.

Each of the parties to the agreement guarantees the protection of the property rights and property of legal entities and individuals of the other party in its territory.

The agreement must be signed before the end of the year in Tashkent in Kazakh, Uzbek and Russian. To interpret the provisions of the agreement, the parties will refer to the text in Russian. Public discussion of the draft agreement will continue until December 12.

Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan signed the final protocol on the work of the commission for the demarcation of 2,356.6 km of the border.

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