Children of sex workers bring honor for Bangladesh

The young  Karate  team  from  Bangladesh, achieved   marvelous success  in  the  just  concluded  18th International High School Karate and Kick Boxing Champion-ship in Katmandu, Nepal.

The  competition  was  held   from 24th May, 2012 to 1st June, 2012 with  a total  of  375 participants  from eleven countries. Among the eleven participating countries, the five-member   Bangladesh  team  secured  third  position  by  winning  four  gold medals, two silver medals  and four  bronze medals.

The   Bangladesh team members,  all belonging to  Sonarbagla Children Home in Tangail, pareticipated  in  the  Katmandu competition  under  the  leadership  of  their  coach Shafiqul  Islam Lablu, a  Black Belt 4 DAN holder

The Bangladesh participants –   Banna, Fatema, Nishu, Shanta and Omit-  three girls and two boys – all 7 to 14 years   of  age  group,  are  actually  sheltered  in  a  children  home  away  from  their  mothers. They have  no identity  of  their  fathers  because  their  mothers  are  registered  sex workers  in  the Kandapara brothel, the second  biggest  in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Karate team  in Nepal’s  stadium

Bangladesh Karate team pose for camera in international championship competition held in Nepal.

These  disadvantaged  children are  being  sheltered  and  nourished by the  national  NGO, Society for Social Service ( SSS), under  its Education and Child Development Program ( ECDP ) ,  said  MA Latif Mia, Director  of  the programme.

Shafiqul  Islam Lablu the Instructor of Karate Team told  this  correspondent  that thier  team  proved  their  stamina  and  skill in  the  international  competition showing  that  if  nourished  and  given  the  opportunity,  these  disadvantaged  children  can  bring  more  honour  for  the country.

SSS Karate team membears with medals

Bangladesh Karate team members pose in the award-giving ceremony.

Shaiful, said  there  are  at present  70 students, who  are  getting training  in karate  but  30  of  them, including 20 girls  are  fit  to  participate  in  any  national  or  international level competition. займ с 18 лет список

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