Putin’s daughter stays with her bridegroom-to-be in Germany together

Ekaterina Putin, the youngest daughter of President Vladimir Putin

Russia is reported that she is preparing her marriage while staying with her bridegroom-to-be currently in Germany, according to news reports.

A close aide of Naval Commander Yoon Jong-gu said: “Ekaterina Putin, the youngest daughter of President Vladimir Putin of Russia, is staying with Mr. Joon-won, the son of Naval Yoon, in East Germany region since last year”, adding he understands that they are scheduled to marry sooner or later.

This aide said that the two persons are serving at foreign companies respectively while preparing their marriage at the same time.

The report that Putin will get a Korean son-in-law, came in 2010 as well, but Commander Yoon has been declining this report.

The two have been continuing their love since they met for the first time at a ball at The Moscow International School in July, 1999, but as such a fact was reported to the press, the relation of the two has been known to be ended.


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