Kuwait: Arab soaps on slippery ground during Ramadan

Major News in <Kuwait Times>: Arab soaps on slippery ground during Ramadan

Drugs, alcohol and sex are topics discussed on soaps during Ramadan. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against discussing these issues on the big screen, or in music and soaps because they are a part of us as a community but shouldn’t broadcast networks keep the holy month in mind? Regardless, people can choose what to watch on television, but the vast choices are not helping the viewers a lot.

Broadcast networks are taking complete advantage of Ramadan, and plum advertising for these kind of soaps. They know that the percentage of viewers is higher during Ramadan than any other months, because family and friends gather during iftar. For them, it’s purely business. I believe that Ramadan is a time to connect with yourself on every level; it’s not about forbidding yourself from food and water and was never about food actually. It was about trying to purify your soul.

So I don’t think it’s a bad idea if the broadcast networks try to be more decent in their choices when it comes to soap operas, and include more social, religious, spiritual and comic content in them. There are some soaps that are really ‘clean’ and appropriate to watch and discuss social matters in the community such as Kuwaiti dramas “Kinnat Al-Sham w Kanayen Al-Shamia”, “Saher Al-Layl”, “Khadimat Al-Kawm” and the Egyptian drama, “Khawaga Abdulqader” to name a few.

I have no problem with other soaps; actually I think that the level of drama and production is really good and highlights very important social issues but my problem is that they are a little inappropriate during Ramadan.

And last but not the least, here’s a message to the broadcast networks: you have 11 months to broadcast whatever you want. Can you at least spare Ramadan and try not to benefit at the expense of religion because let’s admit, you are in a powerful place. So use this clout to help build morals instead of tearing them down.
<Sahar Moussa/Kuwait Times>


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