Independence Day of Ecuador Celebrated

“Peculiar Ecuador dances & music enthrall guests.”

Amb. Nicola Fabian Trujillo Newlin of Ecuador hosted a reception Friday (Aug. 10) at Seoul Palace Hotel to celebrate the Independence Day of his country and congratulate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic establishing between South Korea and Ecuador. 

Amb. Newlin of Ecuador (sixth from left) and Honorary Consul Kim (third from right) cut a cake with envoys to celebrate the Independence Day of Ecuador and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Ecuador.

Envoys from the Middle and South American nations attended the reception including Carlos Alberto Arganaraz of Argentina, Rafael Antonio Salazar-Galvez, and Rosa Florio Legnani of Uruguay in large numbers.

Honorary Consul Kim Young-tae of Ecuador and Director-General Jang Keun-ho of Latin American & Caribbean Affairs Bureau of MOFAT joined the celebration from Korean side.

Traditional Ecuadorian dances & music were performed, enthralling guests.

*The following is a speech, delivered by His Excellency Nicola Fabian Trujillo Newlin of Ecuador.

I had prepared a speech today, designed to communicate the history and meaning of the 10th of August, a date of great importance in the history of Ecuador, a date on which results were achieved that helped propel Ecuadorians toward liberation from colonial forces.

However, as important as it is to recognize and learn from our past efforts to improve the condition of our citizens, it is also important to work in the present in a manner that helps ensure the ongoing and future growth of our nation and well-being of our citizens, while behaving in a manner consistent with the actions of a responsible and productive member of our global society.

Amb. & Madame Newlin of Ecuador (second & third from left) greets President & CEO Kim Dae-yoo of STX Corp. Trading Group in the front line of the reception.

Achieving freedom from our colonial masters has been of critical importance in the history of Ecuador’s evolution as a country, yet it is also important to recognize that Ecuador is working to achieve a different kind of liberation today, a freedom from ignorance and the limited opportunities for growth that can only be achieved through investment in education and the opportunity to use that knowledge toward an improved social condition.

This is the battle we are fighting today, and one which I believe is the next step toward true liberation of our people, and one that is very well known to the great people of the Republic of Korea.

So, instead of the traditional “liberation day speech” which I had originally prepared, I would like to share with you this short video that communicates the most ambitious plan in the recent history of Ecuador, through knowledge and the application of innovation and technology, we seek to stimulate the next great opportunity to grant freedom to our people, freedom to innovate, to create, to produce, to invent, to contribute on a grander scale to the benefit of our global society.  I am proud to say that this plan is being developed with the assistance and guidance of those who walk the talk of improved conditions for their people, the talented citizens of the Republic of Korea.

Let’s watch.

*The following is an adresse, delivered by Director General Jang Keun-ho of Latin American & Caribbean Affairs Bureau from MOFAT on behalf of the Korean Government.

I am very happy to celebrate Ecuador’s 203rd anniversary of its Declaration of Independence and thank you for inviting me today to the celebration. On August 10th, 1809 Ecuador emerged as an independent country. In recent years, due to the hard work of its people and government under President Correa’s leadership, Ecuador has been developing rapidly.

Minister Jorge Alberto Icaza Gustines’ daughter enthralls guests with Ecuador dances.

When the Korean War broke out in 1950, Ecuador actively took part in the UN’s effort to condemn North Korea’s invasion and promote peace and security in South Korea. Since 1962, diplomatic, political, economic, trade and cultural relations between Korea and Ecuador have continued to flourish.

President Correa’s last visit in 2010, in particular, helped to promote this bilateral relationship. By deepening the trust, friendship and cooperation shared by these two countries, the relationship gained great momentum.

We have begun to form an economic model based on complementary structures and cooperation that would allow both countries benefit by taking advantage of a potential win-win partnership. Last year, the bilateral trade volume increased 2.5 times compared to that of five years ago.

As Esmeraldas refinery modernization project, state-of-the-art electronic customs clearance systems and knowledge-based city governments, are all being strategically integrated into this project, more Ecuadorian products such as  bananas and shrimp are becoming popular among Koreans.

Ecuadorians, especially the younger population, are becoming more interested in Korean culture, such as dramas and K-pop, and likewise,Koreans are showing more interest in Ecuadorian culture, such as the Andes folk music group “La di Charney” (차니라티노). As the people of both nations gain a wider understanding of each other’s cultures, relationship between the two countries will only get stronger.

Ambassador Trujillo, And ladies and gentlemen,

This year marks the 50th anniversary of relations between the two countries. And the relationship will continue to develop in the future, just as it did until now. Korea will continue to work actively as a true partner of Ecuador in striving a brighter future of prosperity and cooperation.

Once again, I am sincerely happy to celebrate Ecuador’s Independence Day celebration. Thank you.

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