“Let’s be the Bride and Groom”

Children experience local culture in Yongju, South Korea, Dec. 20, 2011. 

To promote the youth cultural exchange between Qinhuangdao of China and Yongju of South Korea, a delegation composed of 34 children from Qinhuangdao Bright Love Orphanage, led by their “father” Shen Xuedong, visited Yongju recently. 

As the president of Longteng School, 41-year-old Shen Xuedong spent most of his income on adopting orphans. In 2002, Shen read on local newspaper that a pair of children Ma Yonggang and Ma Yongchao lived in predicament after their parents died.

He decided to adopt the children. And since then, he began to adopt more and more orphans. In 2008, he founded Qinhuangdao Bright Love Orphanage, and has adopted 82 children by far. Now, the first child he adopted, Ma yonggang, has entered college. <Photo: Xinhua/Yang Shiyao>


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