Promising doctor diagnosed with late-stage cancer

Saju reading is not just to interpret the fixed four pillars or eight letters of our destiny. People may expect to know their whole past, present and future by reading the eight letters. But the drama of our lives can translate into a much more appealing narrative if read at multifarious times and in different circumstances.

It is indeed eye-opening to see the entire destiny of your life, which even includes your parents, spouse and children. But life is not just a fossilized one but responds to all events in time and space. The word “unmyeong,” the Korean translation of destiny, connotes two significations. One is “myeong,” which literally tells the destiny. The other, “un” is more about the transitions of life. Changes in life are caused by chemical reactions between one’s saju and the energy of every year. The oriental understanding of destiny recognizes not only our given fate but also what is affected and altered by people, time and location. The teaching of the sages always emphasized the importance of our success by meeting the right person at the right time and place.

Ancient people scrutinized the universe through its perception of time and space and then classified it in terms of the five elements. This basic concept generated the symbolic energy of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches. While this philosophy contributed to composing an individual’s saju, it also assigned specific energy to each year in our history. And this characteristic energy of each year performs certain important experiments with an individual’s saju. It may produce a rejection, immunity from something or harmony. Every year, someone is benefitted with good luck or stays stable without incident, while others get hurt. This keeps changing so that the same fortunes are not repeated in future years.

I observe each facet of life being unfolded in various ways annually. This year, I saw some delay in people’s planning and other cases, the progress of diseases and uneasiness. Of course it is only applicable to those who have reacting elements. With regard to diseases, in saju with affected elements, sickness from the past is diagnosed as serious, such as incurable cancer.

I received a call from a client making a gasping sound. He is an expert in “reiki”, (a Japanese spirituality that believes a life force energy flows through people), while consulting me on other personal issues. He became popular among doctors, who were taken ill. They were more desperate because they knew exactly how serious their diseases were and when they found no way to cure them.

He once healed a psychiatrist who suffered a stroke. After that he was introduced to a doctor who was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. The doctor is a competent radiologist working in a noted hospital in Seoul. According to his profession he has examined many cancer patients and diagnosed each stage of cancer. It was devastating for him to discover he had lung cancer, which had already spread to other organs and that no operation could improve his condition. My client asked me to read the doctor’s saju to see if there was any chance.

Meanwhile he had already met the doctor. Conforming to his psyche he mentioned past medical procedures the doctor had done for an H1N1 virus patent. Although the patient survived from the new flu strain, this doctor had done something wrong so that the patient had to undergo strenuous treatment. The doctor admitted it. He was advised to visit the patient’s house to untie any possible misled karma. My client, in the meantime, wanted my advice as well.

Here is the doctor’s saju.

Being born with the energy of yang wood, he is sustained by many other wood-friendly stars both in stems and especially in the month branch. In 2012, he was weakened by the coming year’s energy. On top of that, his earth branches which indicate his health are damaged. However he still has the strength to overcome his disease after this year.

I told him that he would have to endure many types of treatment by the end of this year, which bring hardship to the doctor’s life, but, in the end he would overcome the adversity. The doctor was going to take a newly developed anti-cancer drug. He took the risk to be a human guinea pig to certify the medicine’s affects. His saju reveals that he met the right (medical) person at the right time even though he has to suffer from a deadly disease this year. <The Korea Times/Janet Shin>

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