Facebook is the General Trend for Asian Journalists

Survey by AJA and AsiaN

The journalists of Asia use Facebook the most compared to other social network services. 56% of them use Facebook and then Twitter (30%) and Blog (14%) followed. The AsiaN in association with the Asia Journalist Association conducted a survey on 20~30 November in celebration of its launch and 50 newspaper, TV, and online journalists of 33 different nationalities participated.

According to the survey, most journalists (52%) spend more than 3 hours on the Internet. Other answers as follows – 2~3 hours (26%), 1~2 hours (16%), less than an hour (4%) and more than 4 hours (2%).

To the question of “how many hours a day do you spend reading the newspapers”, 40% says 1~2 hours, 32% says 1 hour and 14% says less than 30 minutes.

Japan (36%) the safest country and then Singapore, South Korea and China
North Korea and Iraq are also on the list

To the question of “In which country would you be the least sacred and worried if you miss your four-year-old child?” 36% says Japan. Singapore (22%) and South Korea (12%) are first runner-ups. China has 3 votes (6%) and Burma, Turkey and the Philippines have 2 votes each. North Korea, Nepal, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Pakistan are also on the list, having 1 vote each.

Ideals to attain – justice, democracy, freedom, the spirit of sharing, industrial development and equality

To the question (three answers possible per journalist) of “the ideals that Asia should strive to attain in the future”, most journalists (29 of them) say “justice”. Democracy (27 votes), freedom (18 votes), the spirit of sharing (17 votes), industrial development (16 votes), equality (14 votes), solidarity (6 votes), peace (4 votes) and environment (2 votes) follow.

To the question of “favourite food”, 28% (14 journalists) says Chinese food, 16% says Korean food and 10% says Malaysian food and another 10% says Japanese food. Thai food (8%), Pakistani food (6%), Indian food (4%) and Turkish food (4%) follow. Lebanese food, Indonesian food, Nepali food, Iranian food, Taiwanese food, Singaporean food and Bangladeshi food have 1 vote each.


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