<2011 Top News> Turkey ‘Cihan’ Issues

 Here are 2011’s top news stories according to the Cihan News Agency of Turkey.  

 1. Arab Spring

 2. Great earthquake in Japan

 3. Kemal Burkay’s return to Turkey
      Kurdish politician, social activist and poet Kemal Burkay returned to Turkey after 31 years of exile in Sweden.

4. President of Turkey Abdullah Gul cried when students of Turkish school in Yemen sang traditional songs of Turkey.  

5. Bedrettin Dalan seen in Turkey
    First mayor of the city of Istanbul Bedrettin Dalan returned to Turkey after allegations of involvement with a terrorist group.

6. The war of Iraq ends

7. Ukraine’s actress Olga Sumskaya criticized Turkey’s period drama Muhtesem Yuzyil

8. Oslo terror

9. Crisis in Greece


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