[Nuclear Symposium] The Fear of Nuclear Power

It’s hard for me to say a definite opinion about using nuclear power in the middle east. Especially since most of them have plenty of sources like “Oil water, natural gas”, but Jordan suffers from lack of these resources.

This lack in sources of nature, comes with the pettiness of Uranium, that’s why some people thought of building the nuclear reactor in Aqba, then the reactor was moved to Al Azraq, to use water in that reactor.

I personally still moving from bein pro-using nuclear power to anti0nuclear power. We as materliastic people still until now suffer from the fear of what results would come out of using nuclear power, that our precautions aren’t enough.

We still also don’t trust much in the studies that predicts that Petrol in the ulf would soon all o away from our arabic world.

But at the same time, one of our duties from next generations is to provide power sources for them.

Excuse me for not iving definite opinion, but mainly iy’s the same as many of my friends, whom  I asked.

*This material is part of those announced in the 2012 International AJA Forum held last October under the title of  the role of news media to sustain the effect of 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. The forum was supported by the Korea Press Foundation.

One Response to [Nuclear Symposium] The Fear of Nuclear Power

  1. dr. zahia abu alsameed 13 December , 2012 at 9:22 pm

    thank u Najwa for your thouts it is really difficult to decide what is better for our country

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