[Nuclear Symposium] Energy, That Sacred Fire

Usually when religious men and any philoshoper would start their preach with “Human is distinguished from the other creature with his brain”, it’s simple and somehow true. It suits the way simple people think to really make the main rules that govern their life understandable. On the other side when the same speech starts to target people with higher perspective it shows clearly how the relationship between soul and mind is really tight and how they complete each other.

Through this we can see that the mind presents mere ideas while the soul conserves potential power that if the man really knew how to use the, he would’ve done a lot of amazing things. You’ve might seen the asian monks and their peers in India and many other places an dthe spirtitual amazing things they manae to do only with their spiritual power, after knowin its secrets and knowin how to use it. Maybe simple people like us only know that the enery is the source of life and maybe it’s somehow relatedto warmth, but how would we know that?

Where we belong in the world, the muslim philosopher “Ibn Tofel” tells us about a man, whose fate threw him on an abndoned island, where a gazalle adopted him as her son and when it died, the human boy saw that nothin in her chaned except that she cold and her body lost its warmth, so he concluded that life is about being warm, and death being cold, that means that the soul is connected to the energy that spreads warmth into a body, and maybe it’s its source even.

Also there the myths of the greek about how man discovered the sacredd fire and how somebody stole it to give its secret to humans which resulted in him being punished for eternity.

Maybe since then people realized how important really energy is and its sources to start his war with his peers. It has been an ongoing war since humanity began and throuh all of its evolution phases, moving from one era to another, from the steam era to petrol era. But the main threat isn’t in how human strulled with each other, it was how one of these power sources would end sooner or later, so they had to think of a permnant source, our sun was the inspiration for that idea.

As we all know, the power emitin from the explosions on the surface of the sun is enormous, and its considered to be a lasting source of power that should be used wisely. So we can say that the nuclear power is the soul power of our planet and we should put our efforts so that it’s used peacefully and not as a destructive weapon. Tunisisa should’nt be deprived of its right to use nuclear power peacefully, especially in medical and electricity fields.

It’s known that Tunisia is rich with phosphate, that means that Uranium should be there too,also other things needed to produce nuclear and Tunisia is actualy lookin forward to have its own nuclear plant. Though fear of using nuclear powers reappeared after what happened in Japan, which brouht to minds the Chernobyl disaster.

But I think that going on with this needs political ambition and also reassuring the big nuclear countries so that we can get on with it. As we are in a tight spot in the world, as these big countries whenever they feel that the peacefeul uses of nuclear power can imapct the non-peaceful usage start feelin their nuclear “gun”. This suspision can be dangerous of course, as many countries were attacked merclessily based on suspicions that were proved wrng later, after the attacks.

So now we have no hope other than cooperating with our peace-loving neighbours to come up with a scientific way to use nuclear power peacefully without provoking anyone. Especially that my country is peaceful and hardly hass any bad relations with other countries besides the lack in many power sources, that would be bad in winter. Nuclear power might be the solution and the soul that would ive us warmth and keep the cold of the dead away.

*This material is part of those announced in the 2012 International AJA Forum held last October under the title of  the role of news media to sustain the effect of 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. The forum was supported by the Korea Press Foundation.

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