[The AsiaN 1st Anniv] Celebration Message from Nepal

It is a matter of pride that the launching of the AsiaN has completed its first year.

During a year, several news articles on diverse issues of the people of Asia as well as the globe were printed in the AsiaN. The wide coverage of areas and issues by the AsiaN was really praiseworthy as it helped exchange knowledge about different issues ranging from politics to economic to cultures to the issues relating to the impact of climate change on human life among the readers.

Fortunately, I have also been a part of the AsiaN as a few of my articles on mountaineering, air crash in Nepal and cultures were also printed over the year.

Moreover, the preparation to launch the Arabic version of the AsiaN from the end of the first anniversary has, as a contributor and reader to it, has pleased me the Arabic world is directly linked with several people of South Asian and East Asian nations, including Nepal, as thousands of people from these countries have been migrant workers in the oil-rich Arabian nations.

The AsiaN in Arabic will surely make the Arabic speaking people know about many things including the cultures, economic conditions and the plights of the workers they have hired in their home countries.

Meanwhile, the endevour to launch the AsiaN in Arabic language will help in uniting the people of entire Asia for the common cause of the people living in the entire continent.

I wish a success of the Arabic version with a commitment to continue my contribution to the AsiaN in the days to come.

Thank you.

Bishnu Gautam

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