A noted Arab newspaper reports meeting between Korean and Arab poets in Seoul

With the minister photo is on the Support of the minister to establish The AsiaN in Arabic.

In the Arabic Press on 20th. Nov., Sheikh Mohammed Al Abdallah Al Sabah, minister of information in Kuwait, values the step that AJA association for information and literature, made by releasing an Arabic version of their website the AsiaN.

Ane the Arabic Press, a noted newspaper in Kuwait, carried a story with related picture about meeting between Arabic  and Korean poets which took place in Seoul last month (October).  It was a meeting between Korean poet Ko Un and Egyptian poet Ashraf Dali(Chief of the AsiaN‘s Middle East Bureau) who translated Ko‘s selected poems into Arabic.

Their meeting was organized by Lee Sang-ki, president-publisher of The AsiaN, on the occasion of the publication of Arabic version of Ko‘s poems, expected to be put on sale in Arab countries. Ko expressed his deep gratitude to Ashraf for the translation of his poems.

Arab Ashraf visited Seoul last October with some other Arabic journalists to prepare for the launching of Arabic version of The AsiaN which started publication from Nov. 11.

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