AJA expresses concern for Nepali Gov’t intervention in murder investigation

Asia Journalist Association expresses its serious concerns over the latest incidents which have pushed the press and expression freedom in Nepal into crisis forcing many working journalists to flee their working areas citing insecurity.

The state interference in the investigation process of the case relating to the murder of journalist Dekendra Thapa, who was buried alive by the Maoist activists during the insurgency perpetuated by the Maoists, is highly objectionable. The fact that the state interference in the investigation comes at a time when a high ranking Maoist leader is in the position of the Prime Minister has made the rule of  law in the country a mockery.

Such interference in the initiative of the prime minister himself has only boosted the morale of the criminals prompting them to make threats against the journalists. This is why the journalists of Dailekh, in western Nepal, were compelled to flee their working place.

It is a highly condemnable and shameful incident in a democratic country to make the journalists feel insecure in the government support. The ongoing anti-press freedom activities reflect some dictatorial rule and the Asia Journalist Association strongly condemns those concerned. Also, we draw the attention of the government of Nepal to guarantee security for all the journalists, who were forced to flee their working areas, and rehabilitate them.

Asia Journalist Association, on behalf of the journalists from across Asia, expresses its solidarity with the campaign to bring the criminals to justice and free the journalists of Dailekh as well as entire Nepal from the mental torture they have undergone due to state instigation.

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