Floods wreaks havoc in western Nepal and northern India

Nepal flood (Photo : onlinekhabar.com)

Kathmandu- Incessant monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in western Nepal. Dozens of people were killed in the floods and mudslides triggered by the heavy rain. About 60 houses, including 11 government offices and a hospital of Darchula district headquarters were swept away by the swollen Mahakali river that flows down from the Nepal-India border in western Nepal. The flooded river also swept away a small hydropower project.

Several people of this tiny town located near the Nepal-India-China border in the western hills became homeless after the river swept away 52 houses and huts of civilians on Monday.

The government has dispatched the Nepal Army from Kathmandu with relief materials to the affected area.

Uttarkashi flood (Photo : onlinekhabar.com)

The swollen Mahakali river inundated several settlements in the plains of Nepal and India while several fishermen were stranded in the river for hours.

Reports of deaths in floods and mudslides from other areas are also pouring in. Mudslides killed dozens of people in Kalikot, Dailekh and Humla districts.

A key highway linking the capital city with rest of the country was also obstructed due to landslides.

According to the Home Ministry, nine districts of western Nepal were affected badly by floods and landslides.

(Photo : onlinekhabar.com)

Worst was the situation in Uttarakhanda province of India where several settlements were swept away by flooded Ganges and Bhagirathi rivers.

According to television news, over 60 people were killed in the floods while 100,000 people and passengers were stranded in different areas after roads were swept away by  floods and landslides. The railway services were also affected due to the floods. Even the Indian capital city of New Delhi was at high risk of flood due to the floods in the local Yamuna river.

Almost all rivers originating in the high mountains of Nepal reached India and caused huge damage there.

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