Portrait of Liu Shaoqi in Beijing


Liu Shaoqi, China’s head of state who died on 12 November 1969 in the middle of the Cultural Revolution(right). Portraits of Mao Zedong(centre) and Zhou Enlai(left) seen through the shop window at the Wangfujing Street. <Lee Ha-ryoung/The AsiaN aja_smile@asia-n.asia>

The portrait of Chinese Communist Party’s Liu Shaoqi (1989~1969), China’s former head of state who died on 12 Nov. 1969 during China’s Cultural Revolution, is placed in a shop at the Wangfujing Street next to Chairman Mao Zedong (centre) and Premier Zhou Enlai (left). He was permanently expelled from the Communist Party in October, 1968 while he was serving as Chairman and he passed away the following year on 12 November, 6:45am at Kaifeng prison in Henan Province, where he was being held. He was posthumously rehabilitated after the Cultural Revolution in February, 1980 by Deng Xiaoping. <Lee Ha-ryoung/The AsiaN aja_smile@asia-n.asia>

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