China’s Alibaba Committed to Help Empower Small Businesses in India


China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba’s executive chairman Jack Ma committed that would help empower small businesses in India, when he met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (March 30, 2015) in New Delhi.

Modi also noted “Had a very good meeting with Jack Ma”.

Modi reportedly is keen to use the internet to boost India’s economy, according to the Indian media.

Alibaba Group tweeted “Jack meets Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss how Alibaba can help empower small businesses in India,” and without further narrate in detail during the following the meeting.

This was Ma’s second trip to India in four months. During his last visit in November, he said Alibaba would “invest more in India, and work with Indian entrepreneurs and technology companies”.

In February, Alibaba’s financial affiliate, Ant Financial, acquired a 25% stake in India’s One97 Communications, that is India’s leading mobile payment platform.

“Alibaba group is interested in helping India enable and empower millions to start business and get jobs, but the key to realize this is to help encourage and create the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country” said Ma in an interview with Xinhua.

“India should soon have its own Alipay, because it is already ready for it,” Ma added.

Ma has also noted that one of Alibaba’s key strategies in the next three to five years is to help small businesses around the globe.

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