Ishihara Satomi, the most beautiful face in Japan


Ishihara Satomi is a Japanese actress gaining great popularity around Asia including Korea. Her fans call her the “Japanese version of Kim Taehee,” who is considered the prettiest actress in Korea. She dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. She decided to be a good actress like Norika Fujiwara, who acted in the TV series, With Love, which was one of the most popular TV series at the time. In 2002, Ishihara auditioned in the 27th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan “Pure Girl 2002″ and won the Grand Prix. Rising to stardom after her audition, she was renamed Ishihara Satomi, which means a smart and beautiful rough diamond, and began her career as an actress.

For her, the year 2003 was probably very meaningful. She began to gain fame through her first movie, My Grandpa. She won four “best newcomer” awards in the 28th Hochi Film Awards, the 16th Nikkan Sports Film Awards, the 27th Japan Academy Prize, and the 13th Japan Movie Critics Awards. In the same year, she acted in the TV series, You’re My Pet, with Matsumoto Jun, who is one of the most famous Japanese idol stars. You’re My Pet made a great success in Asia, so much that it was remade into a Korean movie in 2011. Until now, she has not only played the leading roles in over 20 TV series, but also supporting and leading roles in more than 19 films. In 2006, she recieved the Best Supporting Actress award in the 29th Japan Academy Prize, acting in One Year in the North. Last year, she starred in Shitsuren Chocolatier with Matsumoto Jun again after You’re my Pet in 2003.

Isihara Satomi plays the leading role in Attack on Titan, which is a popular Japanese comic book, and has numerous fans worldwide. It is set to be released as two films this coming August and September and to air as a TV show around the same time.

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