A wonderful dinner at Seoul Garden Hotel

Wine collection at the Seoul Garden Hotel

Wine collection at the Seoul Garden Hotel

As I arrived in the Seoul Garden Hotel, located in Mapo district of the city, I was greeted by the Marketing Team Head Manager, Ms. Eun-Ju Lee. Accompanied by the AsiaN Editor-in-Chief Mr. Lee, I was then introduced to the General Manager Mr. Alex Cho who warmly welcomed us.

Bright lights shone everywhere as the guests ate dinner and drank Australian and Spanish wine. Cooks prepared steaks, cuttlefish, lamb and a large variety of other cuisine, the smell of which makes you hungry. A large table decorated with flowers and lights was set, where a beautiful collection of wine was laid upon for us to taste.

What surprised me was the how reasonable the cost of the whole buffet was. In only 54 thousand Korean Won, you can eat and drink all you want.

As we sat upon our table, with steak, fried vegetables and fish waiting to be eaten, the calm atmosphere, distant chit-chat of guests and clanking of the neatly designed cutlery, made it all a great dinner experience.

As the people refilled their plates with more food and the aroma from the freshly prepared meat filled the hall.

There are times when you are filled with extreme joy. That is how I felt when I noticed there was a whole separate section for dessert. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I jumped in and took a piece of each one available: cakes, pastries, coconut biscuits, and what not.

All this time, being wine lovers, Mr. Lee and I shared stories and laughed as we drank Shiraz, Azul Mujer and tasted various other wines.

The night came to an end after we realized we were on the verge of over-eating. The delicious food, classy wine and perhaps, the best desert I have had in a long time, along with the relaxing atmosphere at Seoul Garden Hotel, made for an experience to remember.

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(All photographs are taken by the author.)

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