Hyundai Genesis EQ900 launch at Grand Hyatt, Seoul

On December 9, I had an opportunity to attend the launch of Gensis EQ900 at Grand Hyatt Hotel. I went in with no expectations whatsoever, but I was thrilled to see the number of people and the energy in the event. Suit-worn, tie-clad men in black stood, chatting and chuckling. Journalists talked and took photos, examining the model cars inside out, like a lab specimen.

After a brief time shooting the cars and people, our attention turned to the presentation videos glorifying the newly launched car’s features. Hyundai Motor launched its luxury flagship EQ900 sedan, aiming to compete with German carmakers in the upscale automotive market.

“The EQ900 is our premium model developed to target the global market,” said Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Mong-koo as he introduced the EQ900 as a model that will rival global luxury carmakers.

“Equipped with all the technology that we have accumulated, along with a top-notch performance and product quality, the EQ900 will compete squarely with global top-of-the-line luxury cars,” he added.

The EQ900, priced from 73-170 million Won, is the first mass-produced car with partially autonomous driving. It comes with a highway driving assist system which enables hands-free driving on highways as well as a lane guidance system and an advanced smart cruise control.

It not only keeps the distance from the car in front automatically, but controls vehicle speed by recognizing speed limits and risk areas for speeding through its navigation system.

Other features include blind spot detection, driver attention alert, autonomous emergency braking and high beam assist.

Korea’s largest automaker spent four years working on the top-of-the-line model. Prior to the luxury car’s launch, Hyundai has already seen nearly 10,000 pre-orders for the car, reflecting customers’ high expectations.

Starting with EQ900, Hyundai plans to develop a total of six Genesis models by 2020.

As we got fed with all the information, three EQ900s were driven to the stage. The camera shutters clicked in abundance and multiple flashes burst like lightning and there stood the black beauty.

The presentation and photo session, followed by a wonderful dinner, ended as I finished my glass of wine and exited the Grand Hyatt.

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