About AsiaN

AsiaN Brand Identity will have four regional news categories, corresponding to the four major regions in Asia – Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central and South Asia and the Middle East.

AsiaN Brand Identity will also have the following topical subcategories: Politics/Societies, Biz/Finance, IT/Technology, Culture/Sport, Religion and Lifestyle.


AsiaN Brand Identity Vision / Mission Statements

  • Diversity in Views
    AsiaN will respect and reflect a diverse range of views and opinions of our writers.
    We believe in airing and sharing our perspectives under the concept of an open and free-flowing market of ideas.
  • Strong Asia Cast
    We will be served by a pool of more than 150 veteran journalists from 45 Asian countries including the 40 senior Korean journalists. We will also differentiate itself from other portals by injecting an Asian flavour in content and viewpoints on issues of the day.
  • Insights on Issues and Mixture of Viewpoints
    Insights on business, finance, environment, energy, religion and politics will be filed by our stable of more than 100 influential bloggers, leaders and experts in Asia. They will be complemented by contributors from United States, Europe and Latin America so as to provide a mix of viewpoints and counter-points.
  • Upholding Professionalism
    We shall be guided in our writings by the ethical code and standard of the journalistic profession. This means being accurate and balanced in reporting. It also means exercising fairness and objectivity in editorials and commentaries.
  • Respect Asia’s Multiculturalism
    AsiaN will give due recognition and respect of the unique traditions and cultural norms that characterize each Asian country. Even so, we can count on certain common values and ethos that set us apart from Western countries.

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