TV5MONDE Style TV channel launches across the Middle East

Stéphane Bern in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles Laurent Menec SEP TV FTV. (press release)

Stéphane Bern in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles Laurent Menec SEP TV FTV. (press release)

TV5MONDE Style HD, which showcases the French finesse in its best form, is now available with the most popular channel providers in the Middle East.

“Our new thematic channel broadcasts magazine shows, documentaries and short programs either supplied by our partner channels or produced /initiated by TV5MONDE. With subtitles available in English, Arabic and traditional and simplified Chinese, it caters to the largest number of viewers in the Middle East and North Africa.” Said Yves Bigot, Chief Executive Officer of TV5MONDE.

TV5MONDE Style HD was produced in line with viewer expectations and interests in the MENA region, to cover a wide range of the French art of living such as fashion, luxury goods and hotels, jewelry, food, design, art of gardening, architecture, and other cultural and historical legacies.

“The ties between France and the Arab world are countless, as can be attested by the large number of people in this region who relate to the French lifestyle. That’s why we felt it a must to first launch the channel here, and to offer Arabic subtitles for some of the most iconic programs. The response has been very positive, with a growing number of regional TV providers and hotels offering our channel.” Explained Magdi Ghoneim, Maghreb & Middle East Director for TV5MONDE.

Comprising a broad range of original, never-before-seen programs in the general-interest TV5MONDE channels, and which are exclusive to Style HD channel, it targets travelers, expatriates, French speakers, France enthusiasts and all those partial to the “French Touch” – a concept synonymous with inspirational values such as culture, heritage, quality, sophistication, excellence, pleasure, and friendliness.

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