UN adopts a human rights resolution in North Korea

A United Nations assembly.  (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

A United Nations assembly. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The United Nations decided for the second year in row to adopt a resolution that calls for referring all of the human rights issues in North Korea to the International Criminal Court.

The United Nations General Assembly held the meeting in their headquarters in New York on 17th December, and the majority agreed on that decision, as 119 voted positively, while 19 voted negatively, and 48 abstained.

The resolution calls for referring those who seem the most responsible for committing crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court.

The resolution was suggested by the European Union and Japan, while North Korea declared their withstanding position opposing this resolution, claiming that such decision is a conspiracy led by the United States and Japan to overthrow their regime.

On the other hand, China, Syria, Russia, Cuba, and other countries who have friendly relations with Pyongyang opposed the resolution describing it as a politically-aimed decision.

Any decision the General Assembly arrive at isn’t biding by law, but it poses more pressure on Pyongyang. The International Security Council of the United Nations had previously held an official meeting on 11th December to condemn the human rights situation in North Korea

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