“Infinity Challenge” is Korea’s favorite TV show

Cast of Korean variety program "Infinity Challenge"

Cast of Korean variety program “Infinity Challenge”

The most popular TV show that Koreans preferred in 2015 was announced by Gallup Korea to be MBC’s variety program ‘Infinity Challenge’

Gallup announced the results of its monthly research ‘TV Programs Koreans Like’ on December 22,  as 1,000 Korean men and women over the age of 19 decided which shows they enjoy watching the most.

‘Infinity Challenge’ managed to take first place with 14% of votes. According to Soompi, “Its success is attributed to the popularity of two recent specials, one featuring the members taking care of children at a daycare center, and another showing them interviewing celebrity candidates for the role of the sixth member of their team. Also, some male respondents say they voted for the show because of its exciting action scenes.”

The top five shows included, “Three Meals a day: Fishing Village” which was mainly enjoyed by housewives, in third place “Superman Returns,” and in fourth place “Non-Summit” both enjoyed by young women and students, and in the fifth place comes the long-running variety show “Running Man”

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